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Gurung Children Dress

Gurung Children Dress is most popular gurung children clothing among children community which is most popular in while celebrating Tamu Lhosar, Marriage ceremony and other cultural activities to preserve Gurung cultural clothing.

Boutique in Nepal a sister organization of Clothing in Nepal offer wide range of color Gurung Children clothing for Girl and Boy.

Having there one manufacturing factory you can choose size according to your desire to make perfect size.

Gurung People

Gurung, people of Nepal living mainly on the southern flank of the Annapūrna mountain massif. Their numbers are estimated at about 200,000. The Gurung speak a language of the Tibeto-Burman family. Many are Lamaist Buddhists in religion, while others have adopted Hinduism.

They make their living in agriculture and livestock raising. Along with the Magar, Rai, and other Nepalese ethnic groups, they have won fame as the Gurkha soldiers of the British and Indian armies.

Tamu Lhosar Gurung Festival in Nepal

Abiding the lunar calendar Tamang, Magar, Gurung and other Himalayan communities of Nepal celebrate Tamu Lhosar as their New Year during the month of December. Monasteries are attractively adorned with colorful decorative items.

People take blessings from monks for their progress, prosperity and happiness. Each home raises a flag on top of its roof. A party is organized at home and invitations are forwarded to relatives and friends. Delicious food, music and dance become the essence of party. Greetings and gifts are exchanged.

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