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Tamang Dhamphu

Tamang Dhamphu
Tamang Dhamphu

Boutique Nepal a sister Organization of Clothing in Nepal offer Tamang Damphu which is most popular musical instrument while singing and dancing in Tamang song.

As a traditional folk instrument, the ancient Damphu is very popular. Along with the original rhythm of Tamang Selo music, it has an important influence in Nepalese culture. It is easy to learn and easy to play

“Damphu”. It then became a part of the Tamang people’s culture and The damphu generally used during performances and celebrations and is like a bodhrán, a single-sided circular frame drum decorated with symbols or left plain. It can have a small stick 4 to 6 inches long attached to the instrument body or played just with the hands. This stick is made of a thin piece of bamboo. The skin is tightened and held in place by 32 bamboo pegs. These 32 pegs represent the Buddha and Bodhisattvas or Buddha’s 32 physical symbols (lakshanas). Sometimes it has a mobile metal or wooden bird attached representing the mythical eponymous bird.

The Damphu is not to be confused with a similar drum, the dhyāngro having jingles, which is used exclusively in ritual by Nepali shamans. The Dhyāngro is a double-sided disk-shaped drum topped with leather having a long wooden handle. Dhyāngro in is used for religious and ritual work only.

Tamang people use damphu in every event, such as weddings, funerals, special occasions, rituals and festivals where importantly, they express happiness, sadness, remember ancestors and tell their history through songs accompanied by the damphu.

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