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Tamang Selo Dress

Tamang Selo Dress
Tamang Selo Dress

Boutique Nepal a sister Organization of Clothing in Nepal offer Different kind of Tamang Selo Dress with wide range of color combination. Tamnag Selo Dress are worn by Nepalese ladies to dance on special occasions like loshar, parties, celebrations, ceremonies, etc. Tamang Selo Dress is a pair of clothes with the Cholo and Lungi.  The cholo are usually in red, blue or black.

The down wear lungi or skirt is sewed with the large measurement so that it can be scattered long like a butterfly wings. The skirt is full of the art with colorful flowers. Yellow Patuka is also wrapped around the waist. The set of tamang selo dress also consists of Topi (Tamang Hat). There are many jewelleries like Dhungri, Jantar and Yellow Potey. These dress are specially worn in programmes while dancing. This is beautiffuly designed in Nepal. They are made up of cottons.

Tamang Selo

Tamang Selo is a genre of Nepali folk song sung by the Tamang people of Nepal and is widely popular among the Nepali-speaking community in Nepal.

It is usually accompanied by the Tamang instruments: Damphu, Madal and Tungna. A Selo could be very catchy and lively or slow and melodious and is usually sung to express love, sorrow and stories of day to day life

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